Kedung Ombo dam is one of the largest ever built by the government. Reservoir which was built in 1980 and completed in 1991 is located in the 3 (three) districts, namely Sragen, Boyolali, and Grobogan. Kedung Ombo was built at the confluence of the uterine and Serang River located in Hamlet Kedungombo Ngrambat Village, District Geyer, Grobogan.

Kedung Ombo region has an area of ​​6,576 hectares consisting of land and water area of ​​2,830 hectares land area of ​​3,746 hectares of land. Utilization Kedung Ombo merely for irrigation, hydropower, fisheries, and which is now being developed is Kedung Ombo development potential in the field of tourism. The existence Kedung Ombo not only provide benefits to the three districts puddle area, but also for other areas. For example, areas that receive irrigation services from Kedung Ombo, among others, Demak, Kudus and Pati. Even water Kedung Ombo also serve some of the needs of drinking water in the city of Semarang.

In the past, the presence Kedung Ombo can not be separated from the negative image attached to it. Negative impression arising from the dam construction process. A lot of people who feel very aggrieved because the homes and villages they inhabit scuttled to serve as flood areas Kedung Ombo. For them, Kedung Ombo is a reflection on the injustice of the New Order, which, among others, relating to land compensation and violations of human rights.

While it may not have thought in the minds of the public that Ombo Kedung development will provide great benefits for the construction and development in the area, as well as the improvement of people's welfare. Given the area around Kedung Ombo arid so it does not support the community's economy. As a result, the condition of the people around Kedung Ombo was generally poor.

Potential waters Kedung Ombo which can be developed for fish farming is an area of ​​2.830 hectares, while that has been cultivated by the people is an area of ​​28 hectares for the cultivation of red tilapia, carp, carp, and catfish. The fish were maintained with no floating cage systems.The fish are generated from Ombo Kedung healthy and safe for human consumption as they are not contaminated by materials or substances that can be harmful to health. This is because water Kedung Ombo is one of the water that is free from contamination of hazardous chemical waste from factories or industrial waste. Society can shop the fish in the fish market located around the reservoir.

A variety of interesting activities can be carried out by the tourists in Kedung Ombo, among others, enjoy the panoramic beauty Kedung Ombo, fishing, shopping at the fish market, and adventure with a motor boat on the island of 20 hectares located in the middle of the reservoir. In addition, the region has stood Ombo Kedung a racetrack "Nyi Ageng Attack" which is equipped with supporting facilities are quite adequate. Racecourse of ± 15 ha with a path length of 600 M and 14 M track width is a miniature of the racecourse Pulomas in Jakarta and was once a host to national championship racetrack. Championship horse races is an annual event in the region Kedung Ombo, which will certainly be one of the interesting tourist attraction and love to pass


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