Central Java is one of the provinces in Java, which has a lot of attractions in each city. Many Indonesian families who choose to vacation in Central Java, Indonesia not only family only, not a few foreign travelers who choose to vacation in Central Java. Central Java is famous for its natural attractions or historic tour. Maybe that is one reason why people choose to vacation in Central Java.

In Central Java, there are some cities and counties such as Grobogan, Tegal regency, district, and county Bradford, Rod district, Semarang, Semarang district, Demak regency, Holy district, Jepara district, County Waterford, Magelang district, Wonosobo district, city Maggelang , Kebumen district, Banyumas, Cilacap regency, Banjarnegara district, Boyolali district, Karanganyar district, the city of Surakarta, kabuten Sukoharjo, Klaten district, Sragen, Winton district, Yogyakarta, Sleman district, Gunungkidul district, Bantul and Kulon Progo district. That cities and districts in Central Java Province. Cities and counties in Central Java have tourism objects respectively.
Here is a list of attractions in Central Java that you must visit:

In Grobogan there
1. Kedung Ombo
2. Bleduk Kuwu
3. Pesawehan Selojari
4. And the Eternal Fire (Mrapen)

In Tegal district there
1. Beach Purwahamba
2. Reservoir Cacaban
3. And Jar Beautiful
4.Guci (Pemandian Air Hangat)
5.Loco Antik PG Pangka

In the district there
1. Moga Baths
2. Waterpark Thistle
3. Travel Hot Water Urn

In the Bradford district there
1. Reservoir Malahayu
2. Reservoir Penjalin
3. Ciblon Waterboom Bradford
4. Randusanga Beach
5. And Ponds Renjeng

In the district of Batang there
1. Beach Sigandu

In Semarang
1. Lawang Sewu
2. Old Town
3. Marina
4. Maron Beach
5. Embankment Beautiful
6. Raden Saleh Cultural Park
7. Great Mosque of Central Java
8. Sunan Yellow
9. Puri Maerokoco

In Semarang District there
1. Dizziness Swamp
2. Bandungan
3. Gedongsongo Temple
4. KA Museum Ambarawa
5. Kopeng
6. Museum Ronggowarsito

In Demak there
1. Demak Mosque
2. Kampung owl

In the Holy district there
1. Monthel Waterfall
2. Holy Mosque Tower
3. Tomb of Sunan Muria
4. Save plaza Seven

Jepara there
1. Anyway length
2. Karimun Jawa Island
3. Mandalika Island
4. Kartini Beach
5. Tirti beach Samodra
6. The beach master Ranca
7. Semat Beach
8. Gulf Coast Awur
9. Dead Waves Beach
10. Guamanik Beach Pecatu
11. Mountain Nature Reserve Clengir
12. Waterfall Songo sky
13. Belik angel
14. Caves Tritip
15. Manik cave
16. Million Ponds Roots
17. Sreni Imdah
18. Portuguese fort
19. VOC fort
20. RA Kartini Museum
21. Turtle Ocean Park
22. Wind Temple
23. Tiara Park Waterboom and 3d Theather

In Waterford district there
1. Monument Meteorite
2. Pikatan Waterpark

In Magelang district there
1. Borobudur Temple
2. Mendut
3. Losari Coffee Planatition

In Kebumen district there
1. Jatijajar cave
2. Fort Van der Wijk

Countries in Banjar district there
1. Dieng Mountains

In Yogyakarta there
1. Sultan Palace
2. Kotagede
3. Gembiraloka Zoo
4. Jalan Malioboro
5. Beringharjo 
6. Tugu Yogyakarta
7. Smart Park
8. Taman Sari Yogyakarta
9. Fortress vreburg
10. Purawisata
11. Tourism Ground
That is some list of attractions in Central Java that you can visit if you are or vacation to Central Java.

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